Aerial Robotic Landscape


This repository/website is a collection of resources for aerial robotics. It is intended to be a comprehensive list of recourses for anyone interested in aerial robotics. The resources are divided into categories, such as autonomy stacks, autopilot suites, simulation, message standards, safety and management systems, tutorials and education, hardware, components, and development kits, aerial vehicle types, and middleware and drivers.

Contributions are welcomed

This project is under active development and you can contribute to it, by submiting a PR with you changes or posting an issue to the repository in Github.


This landscape is a community project, and we encourage readers to contribute to the landscape. The best way to contribute is to join our bi-weekly meetings, and/or add to the lists.

The main repository for the Community Work Group


The Aerial Robotics group meets bi-weekly on Wednesday's at 16:00 UTC. Meetings will be announced on the ROS Discourse Aerial Robotics forum category at least a week in advance, and recordings and meeting notes will be made available after each meeting.

Team / Community Coordination


Contributions to the landscape are highly encouraged, from simple fixes to spelling and grammer all the way to adding new sections to the landscape.

Quick Changes in Github

Simple changes to existing pages can be done by clicking the "Edit on Github" link that appears at the top of every page.

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To edit an existing page: 1. Open the page. 2. Click the Edit on Github link on top of the page. 3. Make the changes in the online editor. 4. Below the Github page editor you'll be prompted to create a separate branch and then guided to submit a pull request.

Once you submit the team will review your change request and either provide feedback on how to improve or just merge it, resulting in the website getting updated.

Changes using Git (New Pages and Images)

More substantial changes, including adding new pages or adding/modifying images, aren't as easy to make (or properly test) on Github. For these kinds of changes we suggest using the same approach as for code:

  1. Use the git toolchain to get the documentation source code onto your local computer with git clone
  2. Modify the documentation as needed (add, change, delete).
  3. Test that it builds properly with mkdocs. Check out their documentation for building the website and trying the website locally.
  4. Create a branch for your changes and create a pull request (PR) to pull it back into the documentation.